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Choosing and Matching Caregivers in the San Francisco East Bay

Inviting someone you don’t know into your home to take care of a loved one may feel intimidating. How can you be sure that a hired caregiver will be trustworthy, let alone a good match?

If you are looking for help caring for a senior in Pleasanton, Walnut Creek or elsewhere in the San Francisco East Bay, we will match you with carefully screened and trained caregivers. We will ensure that the caregivers we send to your home are an excellent match for you and your loved one. We will together formulate the care plan and you’ll have access to closely monitor the progress through our Family Room web portal.

How Are Caregivers Chosen at Aging in Place Home Care?

Our hiring process that we’ve refined over many years begins with extensive interviews, both over the phone and in person. This allows us to screen out applicants who we feel are not well-suited to be caregivers. It takes a special person to be a caregiver – one who is empathetic and patient and genuinely loves helping others.  We look carefully for those qualities.

Next, we validate each applicant’s prior work history and obtain both personal and professional references.

If all seems well, we then run a series of security screens which includes:

  • Social Security validation
  • DMV screening
  • Screening for alcohol and drugs
  • Criminal background checks at the federal, state and local levels

After that, we assess each applicant’s skills to ensure that he or she knows how to provide excellent care in a home setting.

Finally, once we approve the applicant for hire, we provide a thorough orientation and access to ongoing education and training.

By the time our caregivers comes to your door, you can rest assured that they have been through an extensive pre-hire process to ensure that they are skilled, reliable and trustworthy.

How Can I Monitor and Take Part in the Care Plan?

When a son or daughter who has a busy schedule or lives in another town is hiring a caregiver for his or her parent, we understand that detailed and regular communication about the parent’s care is essential.  To improve communication, we use a technology called the Family Room, which is an online portal that enables family members to monitor the care plan.

The Family Room provides family members with information on upcoming schedules, the caregiver team, medications, invoices, and even details down to the tasks that were completed during each shift.

As a family member, you’ll be given a login and will be able to review completed care logs as well as current shifts in real time, including task updates and voice commentary by the caregiver. We’ve found that families become less stressed out about their parent’s care when everybody is informed and on the same page.


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Which Factors Are Considered When Matching Caregivers and Clients?

Before we select caregivers to meet with you and your loved one, we examine several different issues.

Qualifications. If your loved one needs specialized care, such as help with incontinence, we will make sure that the caregivers we provide have the training and experience to deal with these issues.

Physical capability. If your loved one needs help with standing, walking or transferring, we will identify caregivers who have the physical strength to assist them.

Environment. When you contact us, we will make a home visit to assess home environment. We will pay attention to things such as pets, habits and preferences. For instance, if you have cats, we would not match you with caregivers who have fur allergies. Similarly, if you and your loved one do not smoke, we will match you with a non-smoking caregiver.

Location. We make every effort to find caregivers who live within a reasonable distance of you.

Availability. Some of our caregivers prefer to work shorter shifts, while other would rather work eight to 12 hours at a time. We will match these preferences based on your loved one’s needs.

Personality. If your loved one likes to talk, he or she might not be comfortable with quiet, introverted caregivers. By the same token, if your loved one is quiet by nature, he or she might not feel at ease with caregivers who likes to talk.

Gender. We will do our utmost to respect your gender preferences. A woman, for instance, might prefer not to receive personal care from a man. Some men, especially if they are experiencing dementia, may be overly flirty with female caregivers.

Language and culture. Caregivers should be able to converse in your loved one’s preferred language. Furthermore, we work to identify caregivers who understand and respect your loved one’s religious beliefs and cultural practices. If your loved one fasts on certain holidays, for instance, we will adjust food preparation accordingly.

Face to face meeting. No matter how good a match appears on paper, we understand that in real life things don’t always click the way we hope they will. Therefore, we will introduce you and your loved one to any caregivers we think can meet your needs. We won’t assign caregivers to you until you have met them and determined that they are, indeed, a good match for your loved one.

Even once the match is made, we will contact you for ongoing feedback and help you negotiate any issues that may come up. If a certain caregiver isn’t working out, we will assign someone else to help you and your loved one.

How Can Working with Aging in Place Home Care Be an Advantage Compared to Privately Hiring a Caregiver?

There are plenty of caregivers in the private realm that you can find through job ads in services such as Craigslist.  But finding the right caregiver who is trustworthy, reliable and a good match for your family member can prove challenging. At Aging in Place Home Care, we have years of experience matching caregivers to customers, creating care plans and ensuring that the plans are implemented properly.

Because we screen, train and manage all of our caregivers, you don’t have to be worry about their trustworthiness and their skills. Instead, you can focus all your attention on finding the perfect person to meet your loved one’s needs.

If you are providing care to a loved one in Alameda or Contra Costa Counties in the San Francisco East Bay, we are here to help ease your burden and provide your loved one with compassion and top-quality care.

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